Useful audio files that guide kids in their basic movements, so that someone else is telling them what to do, and you can focus on coaching, the details, and getting them in the correct positions! 


Great music powers a motivated class. What if you could have the perfect simple guided routine for your students, day in day out? I’ve created these downloadable files to let instructors take a DaniBees guided class  any day of the week. Download once, use forever!

Hip Hop Workout


Ho-tel. Mo-tel. Holiday Inn. If your kids are acting up, play this track agiiin. This is for kids 6 and up! This gymnastics Hip Hop Workout focuses on strength and flexibility. Four exercise rounds with a hip hop dance in between. 10min 30sec.

Under the Sea!


Such wonderful beats surround you, what more are you looking for? Under the Sea! Put your flippers on as we go on an under the sea adventure and see a starfish and a shark! Practice arch position, hollow prep, straddle, open and closed pike and v-sit.

Build a Stretch


This song lets students work on middle splits and forward splits, and is suitable for preschoolers up to elementary. The track guides them through steps so they can choose whether or not to push on to the next challenge. Build the crucial skill of listening to one’s body.

Beach Disco


You’re never too young to cut a rug on the beach. Our Beach Disco track is a Preschool/beginner gymnastics Warm Up/Floor routine performance, and is 1 minute long.



A sunny beat ideal for students up to Intermediate classes. Has a ‘Bridge’ in the song- so, recommended for kids 5 and up! Or, can do a table instead of bridge for younger kids.

Spooky Adventure


Take your class on a spooky adventure through Spooky Town!
Best for preschool classes 3 years old and up: ​(6 minutes)

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